Love From The Owners

We love you. We love who you are, what you embody, and how you have shown up for the 50 plus local boutiques that make up our market.

Certainly, nothing, no amount of training, life experience, or business school could have prepared us for the love and gratitude we feel for our community. Even in a global pandemic (who knew?!).

We opened Heirloom Market Co. & Bakeshop with the prayer and intention to be God-honoring. We wanted to support local and small businesses. We wanted to be a gathering place for fellowship, friendship growth, and family bonding.

We’ve prayed circles around Heirloom literally and figuratively, just for that.

We want you to come here and feel a difference. We want you to enjoy your time here, think all the deep thoughts here, and get your best work done here. We want you to find your new favorite top here, while eating a donut, and smelling all the candles (that’s really specific, but that’s what we want!). We wanted to show up for you, like you have shown up for us.

We’ve made new friends in this process, we’ve met a lot of new people, and we’ve tasted soooo many donuts.

You are what and who we prayed for. You give us a reason to try new things, a grateful heart, and motivation to keep pushing. We know we can’t do all the things, and we know we aren’t for everyone, but we will keep striving.

Thank you for your grace through this time. Thanks for sticking with us and bearing with us as we work on making our processes, ideas, and dreams better, easier and more seamless for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!